Lab-on-fiber technology

Integrated multifunctional sensing platform.


pH and protease activity measurements

Detection of bacterial infection and inflammation.


Bedside monitoring of wound healing.

Early diagnosis of diseases and complications, and prognosis.


Advantages of fiber-optic systems

Small size, flexibility, immunity to electromagnetic interferences, low cost.

Bringing biochemical measurements outside the limits of a central laboratory is of utmost interest in many sectors such as clinical and analytical chemistry or environment monitoring. However, these techniques typically require time, qualified staff and sophisticated equipment, which limit their field application. As a result, simplified and selective analytical instruments adapted to on-site testing are highly desirable to reduce or eliminate these efforts and enable overall improved efficacy.

TheranOptics proposes a new approach of performing wound assessment to circumvent the limitations of current evaluation strategies. Its innovative approach relies on flexible and miniature fiber-optic sensors that can be integrated in conventional wound dressings for an in situ monitoring of the healing process in real time.

Our approach is based on cutting-edge Lab-on-fiber technology, which envisions mutlifunctional technological platforms completely integrated in a single fiber. Such systems enables unconventional interrogation methods for sensing by offering a unique combination between microfluidics, electronics, optics and chemistry in an “all-in-fiber” format. The result is a novel kind of biosensors with desirable features such as integration, small size, flexibility and low cost that are highly suitable for in situ or remote operation.